Individual circumstance, practicality and personal taste are the key elements necessary to create the perfect modern kitchen.

The beauty of contemporary kitchens is that they can continue to provide the efficient working heartbeat of a home without compromising style or space. In fact, the modern kitchen can be as much a fashion accessory for your house as it is a work centre.

The best kitchen essentials, such as food storage, preparation and cooking areas, cleaning necessities, are included while still incorporating style that works with the overall interior design of the home.

Understanding what’s needed to create an efficient work space involving easy access to power points, cooking, clean-up and food and appliance-storage areas is fundamental in kitchen design. There are also many other considerations such as ventilation, lighting and safety.

Kitchen design is constantly evolving to meet demand and Schier Cabinet Makers are in tune with all the latest trends.

“They certainly saved us from making mistakes in the design of our new kitchen, and the installation was quick and hassle free. Many thanks to the whole team at Schier's… It's an absolute pleasure to invite people around for a meal now, thanks guys.” - Robert & Karen (Rainbow)


Laundry design can be a blessing or a nightmare, depending on circumstances and can be crucial in determining the overall efficiency of a home. Yet, in many cases, it is often the last aspect of a house we consider in planning.

Schier Cabinet Makers can provide expert advice and quality products to meet all laundry demands.

“Schier's provided me with a totally stress free experience, they helped me every step of the way without being controlling or overbearing, and quickly tuned into my kitchen needs and wants. I look forward to working with them again on our laundry project….oh, and ensuite project…and built in robe project…” – Larissa (Horsham)


We spend considerable time in bathrooms every day. So it is important they not only provide us with somewhere to meet our personal grooming needs but also look good and make us feel comfortable.
Schier Cabinet Makers provide a wide range of storage, appliance and lay-out options.


Presentation as well as practicality and efficiency are crucial in establishing the right cabinetry for commercial and business needs. Clever design and high-quality workmanship are used to meet storage, kitchen or boardroom requirements. Schier Cabinet Makers have continually developed this experience and know-how throughout their more than 20 years in business.

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